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The Sonance Landscape Series

Sonance Landscape Series speakers and subwoofers include the wide bandwidth Sonance Laminated Core Transformer with an adjustable tap, making them flexible and powerful for any outdoor landscape application. The SLS Sat and Sub system provides a superior landscape aesthetic with its discreet design and finish. The system blends into the terrain along walkways, tucked into planter beds, mounted up in the trees, and anywhere you want your audio to reach. Sonance SLS speakers and subwoofers are designed using performance features borrowed from both Sonance Professional Series and Visual Performance Extreme, Sonance Landscape Series boasts a completely immersive and performance-driven outdoor experience.


The James Loudspeaker Small Aperture Series

James Loudspeaker is unique in that they allow custom products to drive their standard product offerings. It is a great way to identify the market needs. That is how the James Loudspeaker Small Aperture came about. This series delivers truly astonishing audio with every product detail carefully and skillfully considered. The design is modular, with a powerful, compact subwoofer and a module that handles the midrange and high frequencies. SA Series achieves outstanding performance from a small, discreet opening. It is the product that delivers on our promise to the homeowner: sound that is beyond all expectation without compromise to their design.


The James Loudspeaker Powerpipe Subwoofer

James Loudspeaker PowerPipe subwoofers were created as the world’s first and finest hidden subwoofer. PowerPipe utilizes a flexible tube to move bass energy from a hidden location into the listening space through a visually unassuming grille. These subwoofers use a durable, sealed aluminum enclosure that can be concealed just about anywhere, such as above ceilings, nestled in sub-floors or stowed away in a closet. The flexible tube is positioned from the subwoofer enclosure to the chosen port option. James Loudspeaker offers an expansive selection of standard or custom port options, providing a seamless decor treatment for even the most discerning clients and designers.


The Future Automation QA2 Two Way Motorised Articulating TV Wall Mount

Handcrafted in the UK, Future Automation‘s QA2 Quad Arm oers a fully automated 150-degree bi-directional rotation, along with up to 750mm (29.5”) of forward reach for screens from 42 to 80 inches.


AudioControl’s Model 520 EQ

Introduced in 1977, the AudioControl Model 520 EQ was one of the first products that enabled consumers to make adjustments to compensate for listening room acoustics and tailor the sound to meet their specific preferences.

control screen

Savant TrueImage

Savant introduced TrueImage Control at CEDIA 2009 as a groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind, visually captivating control interface. Considered the most intuitive solution ever conceived for the home automation marketplace, TrueImage Control leverages the capacitive glass technology used on the iPhone and iPad to provide iOS-like gesture and touch control of lighting and other systems. Savant’s TrueImage gave users fingertip control via a simple tap on an image of each room in the home.

control panel

Lutron RadioRA 2

RadioRA 2 is a wireless whole-home, smart lighting control system that gives a homeowner the ability to adjust the amount of daylight, electric light, and temperature throughout his home. With the RadioRA 2, a homeowner can control and monitor his system with a smartphone or tablet from anywhere. This system, first brought to market in 2009, is scalable from 2 to 200 devices. Flexible PC programming enables home technology professionals to provide a customized whole-home lighting control experience.


J+P’s 2G Platform

J+P’s 2G HD Over IP platform allows integrators to cost-effectively build a reliable, full HD 1080p matrix. Sources up to 1080p are equipped with J+P transmitters, which encode signals into IP and send them over the network using a single Cat cable. The signals are decoded by receivers attached to displays and projectors. The HD Over IP platform, introduced in 2011, is engineered to provide complete scalability, so expanding the system with an additional screen or source is as simple as adding another receiver or transmitter.

control panel

Crestron DigitalMedia™

Introduced to the market in 2005, Crestron DigitalMedia™ is the gold standard for AV distribution. Whether it’s HDBaseT® connectivity to extend HDMI® connectivity, fiber between the main house and the guest house, H.264 video streaming to mobile devices, or network AV over Ethernet, DM does it all, with the highest quality video, fastest switching, multi-channel professional audio, and network-based control and management, all on a secure enterprise-grade platform.

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