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A Landscaped Life

by La Scala

Outdoor solutions include audio and video.

As CEDIA’s judges have noted in the past, great documentation has at least two purposes: First, it’s a guide to the system. Can anyone else, at some point in the future, update or troubleshoot the racks, cables, control systems and devices?

The next consideration: Does it act as yet another asset for the homeowner? Can it act as another integral part of the home should it ever be sold or passed on to another generation?

In this case, the documentation met those requirements. CEDIA’s judges found the work here to be the most complete and concise of all the entrants.

These plans are key to complex designs like the ones for this home, which includes:

105 circuits of lighting (carefully individualized to highlight the home’s artwork and landscaping details),

12 zones of audio with 47 speakers,

Indoor and outdoor TVs,

Automated settings such as “stealth mode,” in which the projector and screen in the combination living and media room fold up into the ceiling and disappear completely,

A power management system they call the “heartbeat” (simply put, this means that if a device isn’t being as responsive as it should, a power reset is triggered which usually fixes the issue),

And a control system that had to be completely intuitive: The clients who commissioned this system are in their 80s.

The tech also had to “disappear” — La Scala tells us, “The open concept décor was to take center stage and our integrated systems were to compliment and highlight the expert appreciation for the relationship of form and space.”

For their documentation on their award-wining integration for Best Integrated Home, Level III, La Scala picks up the 2019 CEDIA Awards for Best Documentation.

control panel
Controls are simple: The clients are in their 80s.
Careful planning is essential for a property this complex.

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