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by Wavetrain Cinemas

There’s a “lobby” which features the client’s favorite arcade games (and refreshments).

This project converted an existing double garage under the client’s house into a reference-quality, dedicated cinema. The space had to remain accessible from the street.

The owner also wanted to incorporate a couple of arcade machines into a separate bar area that was part of the project.

Wavetrain tells us: “Our role was to design and document all work for the project, including architectural drawings, interior design, HVAC and ventilation, acoustic engineering — everything.”

The firm worked hand-in-hand with the builder to ensure that their plans were followed to the letter. Sound isolation was terrifically important: First, this home has neighbors nearby. Secondly, there was a built-in vacuum system just above the cinema. The system’s pipework was moved up one entire level in the home to keep noise out of the theater.

The 9.2.6 audio system is complemented by careful speaker placement for perfect dialog and excellent spatial effects.

Another issue here is equipment ventilation for the equipment rack that’s located in a cupboard in the bar. (Heat shortens the life of electronic gear.) Wavetrain says: “As the bar area is not air-conditioned and the glass faces east, which gets lots of morning sun, it is possible for the bar area to heat up when the cinema and bar are not in use.”

“There is a three-fan unit cut into the top of the cupboard, which remains on at all times. There is a 20-millimeter gap under the door, so air is drawn through the rack and out the top of the cupboard.”

This project also won a 2019 CEDIA Award for “Technology Meets Design” in the Asia Pacific region.

home theater
Careful speaker placement and sound isolation make for excellent audio in this space.
equipment cabinet
This custom cabinet ensures that the rack is properly ventilated.

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