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Best Dressed Rack

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Arcadian Odyssey

by Sound Sense

home cinema
A high performance room needs excellent equipment racks.

Equipment racks are the nerve center of an integration project, whether a whole home or a stand-alone entertainment space. They house everything: from media players to amplification and processing, to the networking, control, and distribution of audio, video, lighting, and HVAC. They must be well-engineered, well-organized and documented, and easily serviceable: if a single wire fails, it’s imperative that technicians know precisely where to look for a fix.

This particular cinema had a very well labelled, dressed, and managed rack, containing an impressive amount of amplification and processing. The racks were appropriately situated in a separate space and easily accessible for servicing and troubleshooting.

Sound Sense scooped three other CEDIA 2019 Awards for their work on the Arcadian Odyssey project, including Best Home Cinema – Global, Home Cinema Level III, and Best Documentation.

equipment racks
The equipment is stored in a dedicated space.
equipment cables
The racks are well labeled, well dressed, and easily serviceable.


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