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Azores Beach House

by Cantara

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The tech design in the home was recognized for matching the client’s lifestyle brilliantly.

This award truly gets to the heart of the mission of CEDIA’s members.

The “Life Lived Best at Home” award honors the project that uses technology to maximize and enhance the client’s lifestyle, providing functionality, safety, entertainment, convenience, aesthetics, and efficiency.

The clients here were fairly tech savvy, and knew they wanted a home that reflected that interest.

The winning firm, Cantara, says, “As part of the owner’s criteria for system design and implementation, a huge emphasis was placed on the aesthetics of their technology, and on the resulting atmosphere that technology would create to enhance the experience of the home.

“The automation at work here enables the home to look and feel its magazine-best effortlessly and a programming approach that favors whole home events rather than room-by-room control.”

The CEDIA judging team for this award — again, architects and interior designers — noted that Cantara had a deep concern for upgrades and retrofitting for the future. They loved the documentation, and the firm’s description of the renovation. This project also won the 2019 CEDIA Award for Best Integrated Home, Level II.

No matter the room, technology enhances the living experience.
This project also won the 2019 CEDIA Award for Best Integrated Home, Level II.


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