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Casa IE

by Smartlab

living area
Features include audio, video, networking, automated shading. and 75 lighting components.

There’s a term that’s been used in tech circles of late: “the paradox of choice.” Simply put, it means that consumers who are confronted by a dizzying array of options and solutions when it comes to tech advancements sometimes simply throw up their hands in frustration.

The client who desired a few tech advancements in this case was confronting that very issue. The homeowner here was a bit technophobic to begin with, and wanted to tread very carefully when it came to integrating systems in their residence.

Initially, the customer asked the team at Smartlab for some solutions for lighting, wireless entry control, and a home theater. As the client became familiar with the tech and the Control4 systems that were the “brains” of the project, the homeowner became more and more comfortable with Smartlab’s approach to their home.

Smartlab’s user-friendly system design was welcome when the homeowner next added a closed-circuit TV system for surveillance and security. After the CCTV went in, the client then wanted more music in the home, so four audio zones were added. Next: robust networking throughout the home, including wireless access points to ensure healthy Wi-Fi signals for mobile devices. A hidden projector and a 175-inch screen were added to the dining room, and the control systems also handle 20 different blinds and 75 loads (components). Voice control is added to the mix here, and Smartlab picked Alexa for this project in Mexico, as she’s fluent in Spanish.

Since a single keypad can control a myriad of systems, the slow addition of systems to the whole kept Smartlab on their toes, constantly re-programming and redesigning the entirety of the project.

music room
The home also includes four zones of distributed audio.
There’s voice control in the project, and fortunately, Alexa is fluent in Spanish.


Av. Urbina #14
Parque Industrial Naucalpan
Naucalpan 53370



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