CEDIA Awards

Best Home Cinema

Level II

  |  EMEA

Cinematic Excellence

by Perfect Integration

The room’s primary purpose is a family home cinema, but it also needed to be impressive enough to host film industry guests on occasion. Being the family’s ‘forever’ home, the cinema had to be timeless in its design and have the performance to bring smiles for many years. Perfect Integration was responsible for the technical design, aesthetics, and lighting design.

Focussing on a warmer colour palette, Perfect Integration utilised deep navy blue materials alongside American black walnut. These base colours created a refined and contemporary feel, whilst the brass grills, nail heads, wall lights, keypad, and handle details hinted a more classical styling. A subtle grey piping was used on the seats, while the ceiling features a mid-grey fabric to hide the acoustic-treatments and speakers, and a matt grey bulkhead eliminates screen reflections and reduces contrast lost during brighter scenes.

Ralph Lauren glass and brass wall lights provide a subtle ambient glow and enhance the stud details on the fabric wall panels. Narrow beam pin spots highlight the brass mesh in the wall panels and hidden linear LED lights provide a ‘halo’ around the screen.

The audio system comprises of 11 speakers in a 9-channel configuration, with six JBL Atmos channels and four subwoofers. The Barco Loki Cinemascope projector is installed vertically, firing at a DT Screens mirror through a porthole in the joinery. It is located in a sealed, acoustic enclosure within the build-up of the rear wall to provide almost complete acoustic isolation with no aesthetic impact on the room.

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