CEDIA Awards

Best Integrated Home

Level I

  |  EMEA

City Triplex

by Life Emotions

The client was clear about wanting a system that is easy to use and design friendly.

The Control4 system provides an intuitive interface that controls the alarm, intercom, lighting, HVAC, and AV. Life Emotions created a number of scenes, including sunrise, sunset, welcome, and away, which closes the blackout blinds, turns the lights off, puts the HVAC system on standby, switches all AV off, and arms the alarm. The client can manage all systems and open the door for guests from every touchscreen in the house. As requested in the brief, the client can create their own scenes.

Life Emotions utlised KNX to control blinds and shutters, lighting, underfloor heating, and alarms. To tick the box of the keypad finishes matching the interior design, the team installed Basalte Sentido switches with engraved symbols in a number of materials. Supporting the use of the Control4 app, Auro sensors were installed in the bathrooms, corridors, and stairs for lighting control. A 2N intercom with code lock was installed. This allows the client to open the gates without keys and to answer the call through their mobiles when they aren’t at home. Inside the property, the intercom can be used on the Control4 touch panels.

In the living room, Life Emotions installed in-wall front speakers and in-ceiling surround speakers. The subwoofer was installed in furniture that was designed with acoustic treatment. The living room opens out to the pool. When party mode is selected, the client can enjoy audio playing in both rooms.

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