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Echo Systems Experience Center

by Echo Systems

This “home” emulates the high-end residences Echo Systems is accustomed to integrating.

The mission statement here was pretty clear: “Echo Systems endeavored to create a truly unique facility in order to dynamically change the client experience.” From the dedicated home cinema to the fully appointed kitchen, the Echo team was determined to create a showroom that mirrored the high-end homes they often integrate. The experience center – a four-year-project, all in – is worth well over seven figures, and has shown immediate results now that it’s completely finished.

Echo Systems goes on: “Since we work in the area’s finest properties, we sought to emulate the fit and finish, down to the last detail, that our clients have come to expect in their own homes. Furthermore, we endeavored to incorporate the latest in aesthetically integrated technology in this type of setting, in order to show what is possible when potential clients select the right partner. On a roughly 45 minute guided tour of our facility, clients are provided a 10,000-foot view of where technology is currently, while at the same time serving to dismantle many clients preconceived notions of what can be achieved. We show them exactly what kind of results a technology provider can achieve if that firm takes the same careful approach as their architect or designer.”

CEDIA’s judges were duly impressed with what the integrator accomplished here. Their thoughts: “This is a real lifestyle center.” “So much diversity in textures, treatments, and most importantly, tech.” “I could live here!” Echo System’s home-within-a-commercial space helps clients slow down, relax, explore, and really see what’s possible in the universe of residential technology.

The Experience Center is designed to help clients slow down and immerse themselves in carefully-crafted possibilities.
The Center includes a dedicated home cinema.

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