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Best Integrated Home

Level II

  |  Asia Pacific

Floating House

by Bridger Automation

This home’s lighting design – and automation – are keys to the integration’s success.

This waterfront home – like many contemporary builds – presented an immediate networking challenge. Bridger Automation notes, “In today’s lifestyle, wireless connections are paramount and a lot of devices rely on Wi-Fi. Due to the construction of this home which consists of steel, concrete, glass and, water, it presented a challenge to obtain strong Wi-Fi signals and routing cables to necessary points.” The Bridger team solved the puzzle, and, along with elegant audio and video solutions, provided solutions for a broad range of client needs, from security to pool and spa automation.

But, as the integrator notes, “Lighting is probably the key feature to this home as its design is to highlight and show off the design aspects (including all the water features) of the home with a subtle, sophisticated look. Our company was the sole electrical contractor for this installation (excluding solar and air conditioning systems). Having this knowledge and flexibility allowed us to incorporate all relevant controls of lighting, blinds, curtains, louvres, fans, fireplaces, pool, and pond pumps.”

The automated “scenes” at work in this building are top notch. An example: “We worked with our client to piece together an ‘Evening’ lighting scene that automatically runs each day at sunset. This lighting scene runs for a period of time, then upon the programmed end time, slowly ramps off all lighting circuits to leave the home with a few landscape lights on throughout the duration of the night, to be turned on at sunrise.”

Bridger Automation also handled the bulk of the electrical work here.
Challenges in this project included providing rock-solid security and proper WiFi coverage – and Bridger met them all.

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