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Forever Home with a View

by West Coast Hi Fi

Automated solutions abound in this beautiful installation.

West Coast Hi Fi had their work cut out for them here – this project is a four-and-a-half hour trip from the integrator’s home base, and that mean that as many remote service solutions as possible would be beneficial for this client.

The team at West Coast Hi Fi explains: “We have installed remotely controllable PDUs (power distribution units) in the house, with timed power-on sequences to ensure each piece of equipment comes on in the right order. In the event of an internet outage where we cannot connect remotely, we have set up controls on the customer’s touchscreen to reboot each individual piece of equipment, which is done locally via the home’s LAN (local area network). This prevents them from having to go to the rack to reboot any equipment.”

The next issue facing the team – the house was already under construction when the integrator was hired, meaning that the footprint of the rooms was set. This made for challenges when designing the dedicated home theater – the room wasn’t configured to get the right immersive “sound” from the Dolby Atmos system. Using creative speaker placement, however, the team solved any issues.

There’s a good bit of automation at work in the finished product, too. Some highlights:

All common areas (hallways, garage, and so on) and individual en suites have lighting controlled by occupancy sensors.

Lights automatically change their default brightness across three levels depending on the time of day and room (eg: toilets change to 7% brightness after everyone is sleeping, so as not to blind you if you need to use the bathroom at night).

Heated towel rails automatically engage when the shower is running (if the outdoors is below a certain temperature so to not activate in summer).

All common areas (and en suites) have lighting controlled by occupancy sensors.
All of the home’s systems can be remotely controlled should the need for troubleshooting arise.

West Coast Hi Fi

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