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Level IV

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Fox Point

by Admit One Home Systems

Those beautiful Sienna Artnovion Acoustic panels on the right diminish echoes in the home.

Top-priority client requests often involve hiding tech or making the controls completely intuitive. While Admit One did accomplish those asks in this home, the number one requirement here was “solving the acoustical challenges the homeowners had grown used to in other properties. Their previous home echoed terribly, they could hear the theater from the other side of the residence, and Mom and Dad complained that they could constantly hear the kids playing in the lower level.” After adding insulation between floors, the integrator installed Sienna Artnovion Acoustic panels in large, active spaces that reflect sound.

Once acoustics had been addressed, Admit One integrated 13 video zones, 32 audio zones, and “275 lighting loads and four fan locations. There are 75 window treatments in the house that include motorized rollers, romans, and drapery tracks. There are 71 Horizon keypads to cover the whole house with locations to control the lights and shades, in addition, iPads and iPhones can be used as additional control points.”

Powerful, reliable networking is important here, since Dad’s communications need to be secure when he’s working from home. Additionally, “Water sensor locations keep an eye on mechanical devices and areas that might have water leakage around the property.” Heat, smoke, and carbon monoxide sensors abound, and security cameras and alarms cover the grounds and structure. Automation is controlled by Crestron.

Lastly, “Dad and his sons bond over music and are audiophiles. They requested easy access to their extensive music collection as well as a turntable for a dedicated listening area.”

The home is safe secure, from cameras to sensors to alarms – making it easy for the family to relax.
This project includes 13 video zones and 32 audio zones.

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