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Level II

Highly Commended
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Jashn Bagh

by Awicon Technologies

As a family of four, the focus was on comfort, convenience, security, entertainment, and efficiency. Right from the beginning, the motto was clear — futureproof the cabling infrastructure for adopting new technologies in the future. With fibre being used throughout the entire home, Awicon Technologies planned for lighting control, audio, video, networking, security, and intercom.

Awicon Technologies worked with lighting consultants to understand the internal and external lighting details to ensure the correct number of circuits were used to highlight the artwork, elevation, and the landscape. In total, the team integrated 288 lighting circuits with 82 blinds/curtains.

The property features 25 distributed audio zones and eight video zones. The video was distributed over optical cable, making the house 8K ready. Awicon Technologies divided the outdoor area into two zones — the entertainment area, which features 16 speakers and three buried subwoofers, and the swimming pool area that includes eight speakers and one buried subwoofer. The indoor basement lounge required high performance audio to entertain family and friends. Keeping performance and aesthetics in mind, Awicon Technologies installed a K-array audio system and incorporated a large 16ft x 8ft active LED wall.

Due to large glass façade, lots of sunlight enters the home and causes unwanted glare at sunrise and sunset. Awicon Technologies used ‘Sun Path Analysis’ from open source websites to understand the azimuth and elevation angle of the sun across all seasons of the year, and programmed the window sheers accordingly to allow the customer to enjoy the sunshine without any glare.


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