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Best Dressed Rack

  |  Americas

KA Theater

by Audio Images

The racks slide out for service or future upgrades.

There’s a real art to the process of designing and building – not to mention cabling – a truly excellent equipment rack. The hidden parts of the rack are akin to the work you might find in the interior of a fine, antique watch, full of work and detail that the user will never see. The watchmaker, however, knows the quality of his craftsmanship extends to the “invisible” parts of his product.

Great racks are reliable, functional, and easy to service. They’re a testament to the integrator’s knowledge of everything from the proper bend radius of a piece of cable to the amount of ventilation and cooling the gear needs to extend equipment life.

Equipment racks are the nerve center of an integration project, whether they serve a whole home or a stand-alone entertainment space. They house everything: from media players to amplification and processing, to the networking, control, and distribution of audio, video, lighting, and HVAC. They must be well-engineered, well-organized and documented: if a single connection should somehow fail, it’s imperative that technicians know precisely where to look for a fix.

CEDIA’s judges loved the work that Audio Images did here. Some quotes on this job: “Absolutely a killer rack. Love the way it can slide in and out of its space for convenient access. Good service loops.”

The judges also noted that “this is the kind of work that every integrator should aspire to – you know you’ve done great work when we can use your project as a teaching tool, an example of best practices.”

This project also won CEDIA Awards for Best Home Cinema in the Level III (Americas) and Global divisions.

These artful racks are the nerve center of a theater that won CEDIA Awards for Best Home Cinema in the Level III (Americas) and Global divisions.
At the other end of all that wire? A beautiful, high-end home cinema.

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