CEDIA Awards

Best Integrated Home

Level I

  |  EMEA

Kensington Terrace

by NV Integration

This a large terrace house is spread over six floors and 5,000 sq. ft of space. With the house undergoing a full refurbishment, NV Integration was required to focus on audio and video distribution, integration control, security, lighting control, and networking, all within a limited budget.

Control4 is the primary user interface, which controls the house using the iPad app and SR260 remotes. NV Integration implemented a Rako hybrid lighting control system, with the keypad links running on a wired connection, and the dimmers running wirelessly.

With the sunken area of an old swimming pool remaining on the lower ground floor, NV Integration created a ‘conversation pit’ to provide the owners with a space to watch films. The team paired a 77″ TV with a Leon Horizon LCR soundbar and Dolby 7.1 surround sound. All the visible speakers were sprayed painted and the subwoofer is hidden behind acoustically transparent cloth.

In the basement gym, the team integrated a smart glass panel between the corridor and the glazed wall that looks into the gym, meaning that the user can work out in private.

With all properties on the street being owned by the same property developer and having to keep identical frontage due to the buildings being listed, NV Integration was challenged to update the door entry system but not distract from the old system at the other houses. The integrator installed a BPT system that is very similar in appearance but now features video, app integration, and fresh cabling.

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