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Level I

  |  Asia Pacific

Las Palmas

by Electronic Living

The mission here: Install great tech, yet maintain the mid-century modern look.

Electronic Living sums up this project – and its mission:

“Incorporating the latest in smart home technology from Control4 and many other class leading brands, Las Palmas is a midcentury modern smart home perched along the banks of a beautiful river. Due to the mid-century modern design, our client had little desire to see ‘tech,’ so we were able to balance modern amenities and technology whilst remaining true to classic ‘60s style. This is the thought process behind the TV that pops up from a sideboard, speakers mounted cleverly in the ceilings, sensors placed discretely, and security cameras carefully selected to look like lights.

“Featured as a groovy retro talking piece, a premium turntable is integrated into the house system, AND positioned proudly near the main entrance and perfectly frames the mix of old and new style within the home – it all appears midcentury, but has the capabilities and qualities of a smart home straight out of the Jetsons!”

There were challenges along the way – Wi-Fi coverage needed careful consideration, since the home’s construction includes a great many concrete walls. The security solutions include a one-touch panic button that broadcasts the sound of barking dogs and notifies any intruder that the police have been called.

Electronic Living describes some of the automation at work here:

“At sunset, all lights at the front of the house turn on, and upon the client’s arrival back home (after sunset), all of the lights at the front entrance of the home will turn on for 15 minutes. This is triggered by the vehicle gate.”

Solutions include cleverly hiding devices – including this TV that drops down into a sideboard.
The turntable by the front door emphasizes the retro vibe at work here.

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