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Global Winner

Le Rocher, Monaco

by Perfect Integration

Bedrooms all have end of bed pop-up TV mechanisms

A past Perfect Integration client who is based in London contracted the team to work on his new project in Monaco, which he planned as his forever home. The integrator worked alongside a number of other contractors, all under the guidance of the architect.

Most principal rooms feature Amina invisible speakers, with a pair of B&W Diamond bookshelf speakers in the study and pre-wiring for floor-standing Meridian speakers in the reception room. All bedrooms include end-of-the-bed pop-up TV mechanisms, which were sunk into the concrete floors during construction to keep  cabinet heights to a minimum.

The client did not want any surface-mounted or freestanding speakers for the outside of the house, but also wanted sound in all areas. Being on the tip of a peninsula, with 270 degree views of the sea, outdoor dining and leisure is a number one priority for the client and his friends and family, so all external areas have discreetly installed outdoor speakers. There are also flush mounted speakers built into the terrace balustrade and veranda canopy, and a high output Sonance landscape system around the pool, with 12 speakers and four buried subwoofers.

Due to the complex and high-specification finish of the ceilings, Perfect Integration was restricted when placing speakers there so they needed to find alternative solutions to suit: One instance sees the invisible speakers placed into the wall on either side of the fire place. It’s this kind of careful work that led to a CEDIA Global Award for this project for Best Integrated Home.

living area
The outdoor lighting is particularly effective.
Floor standing Meridian speakers in the reception room.

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