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Best Integrated Home

Level IV

  |  Asia Pacific


by AVD Australia PTY Limited

Motorized curtains and blinds make the most use of natural light.

The AVD team had a mission here – this is an incredibly environmentally-friendly home, and CEDIA’s judges noted the tremendous solar integration in play here. As the team tells us, “We handled full engineering of the electrical and electronic systems with a high-level focus on sustainability. We had control of the full lighting design with assistance from Brendan Wong for architectural fittings.”

AVD notes that their scope of work included:

“Reduction in energy consumption through the implementation of smart systems to operate everything from lighting, motorized curtains and blinds, air conditioning, ventilation, and so on,

Minimize heat loads by lowering blinds automatically rather than turning on the air conditioning systems,

Creating automatic modes that ensure systems are energy efficient, and,

Programming ‘leaving’ or ‘shut down’ modes ensuring systems are put into a hibernation state.”

Another concept in play in this building is “light harvesting,” which ensures that maximum use is made of natural light entering the space. That demands automated blind and sheer curtain operation based on heat levels.

The entire home can be controlled and monitored from anywhere in the world to ensure that it’s meeting the high ecological standards in place here. AVD notes that the building is designed to exceed LEED Platinum certification for sustainability. The kicker? The home performs all these functions using tech that marries beautifully with the design of the space.

Even with all the technology here, this home is incredibly energy-efficient.
The building is designed to exceed LEED Platinum certification for sustainability.

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