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Best Integrated Home

Level IV

Highly Commended
  |  Americas

Luxury Penthouse

by Cantara

Glass and stone can make for poor acoustics, but Cantara was up to every challenge.

This is a home that is truly imbued with the personality of its owner. The team at Cantara notes that it “fully delivers on our client’s expectations of technology that is designed and delivered at the same rarified level as the finishes in the home, and the teams of people that created them.

“To provide an insight into everyday lifestyle of the house, the client has settled on pressing not the ‘good morning’ lighting scene each morning, but instead, she presses the ‘entertain’ button. This penthouse was imagined from the beginning to be the ultimate expression of our client’s desire to have glamorous cocktail parties with live music and DJs, host the best-ever Oscars red carpet party, and to have a closet anyone in the world would envy.”

To accomplish all of that, Cantara had to craft each solution with care. The dining room is a terrific example: The floors are stone, one wall is glass, and music is pumped in constantly through eight speakers and four subwoofers. Despite all those sound-reflecting surfaces, the ceiling is designed so that guests at either table can clearly hear only the guests at that table without a cacophony of other voices and notes.

The twin-projector-and-drop-down-screens solution at work here won two top CEDIA Awards on its own, one for Best Media Room, Level II, and another for Best Innovative Solution. It makes for easy viewing for guests during that aforementioned Oscars party.

The attention to detail here extends into even the closets.
What’s an Oscars viewing party without multiple screens and projectors?

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