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Modern Beach Brilliance

by Atlantic Control Technologies

On the roof-top deck, there sits a colossal 85-inch outdoor TV. Who wants to watch “Jaws” again?

We’ll let the integrator give us an overview of this beautiful project:

“This new construction home was designed by renowned architect Robert Gurney. His award-winning, modern designs are distinctive, progressive and above all, aesthetically brilliant. For both architect and client, aesthetics were a primary motivating factor in virtually all decisions made for the home.

“The technology in the home needed to be fun and functional, rugged enough to stand up to extreme seaside climates and adhere to the strict aesthetic demands of the architect.

“An example: The precisely engineered TV mounts. Chosen for their dexterity, shocking ease of manipulation and brushed aluminum finishes, they are modern, almost industrial looking and have industry-leading functionality. On the roof-top deck, there also sits a colossal 85-inch outdoor TV. These beautifully designed televisions are not only extremely high-performing devices in outdoor conditions, but have features like chrome finishes to make them striking to look at even when turned off.

“Lighting and automated window shades provide a simple and smart way to control the light exposure pouring in from the floor-to-ceiling windows that offer panoramic beach views throughout the home.”

There’s a lot of automation at work here, including: At the pool, there’s automated lighting and cover capability as well as audio speakers installed underwater. As far as the home’s network is concerned, as devices roam around the home, they are seamlessly passed to different access points depending on location and signal strength.

Technology abounds – but it’s barely visible.
Everything in this home, including the TV mounts, is precisely engineered.

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