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On the Rocks

by Graytek

Graytek was asked to update audio and video throughout the home, and fully integrate all of the home’s subsystems.

This home was a partial renovation – both in construction and technology. Graytek explains that, “The clients had high expectations to integrate existing systems in parts of the home, introduce new and upgraded components in other parts of the home, and have it all work together seamlessly. Many of the system upgrades had to be retrofitted as the entire home was not renovated.”

There were control and lighting systems already in place, but some components were as much as 15 years old, and a refresh was clearly needed. Graytek was asked to update audio and video throughout the home, and fully integrate all of the home’s subsystems – including HVAC and surveillance — while maintaining a clean, minimalist aesthetic.

Crestron filled the bill here, and Graytek included updates to all the keypads and the lighting in the wine room. “We upgraded speakers in key areas with Totem acoustics, and added a Sonos surround system to the family room nook with a Creston remote. Theater upgrades included a new 4K JVC projector and new, hidden Totem speakers.” There’s a new media rig in the master bedroom as well, including an upgraded projector and screen.

“The clients have two additional homes and wanted to have the ability to view all three homes’ security cameras from their touch panels. It required a bit of maneuvering to ensure all of the networks were set up correctly in all three homes so they log into all of the cameras and provide the access the homeowners required.”

CEDIA’s judges love the user controls here – especially the pads that feature the home’s floor plans.

CEDIA’s judges are fond of control panels with floor plans such as these. They’re very intuitive.
The media room and wine cellar received an upgrade here, too.


250 Schoolhouse St.

Suite 116

Coquitlam BC V3K 6V7




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