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Parisian Duo

by Henri

living room
The owners wanted to be able to easily control lighting and blinds, and play music throughout the property.

The Henri team was 100% responsible for this four-story residence, which includes an independent loft. Every staffer at Henri worked together to meet the expectations of the designer, the owners, and their children. The owners wanted to be able to easily control lighting and blinds, play music in some rooms and in the garden, have a home cinema solution in the children’s playroom, a video area in the office, and have a reliable security system consisting of an alarm, CCTV cameras, and video access control at the entrance. The objective was to deliver a smooth installation with intuitive control.

The lighting and shade control system is a KNX solution. In terms of keypads, the interior designer selected models from Lithoss that Henri integrated into the KNX system, using interfaces that fit in the electrical boxes. Through the KNX installation, Henri also manages the under-floor heating system. There are temperature sensors hidden in the wall keypad and completed by sensors integrated in the floor to avoid overheating.

The Henri design team made use of cabinetry furniture to compliment the interior design wherever possible. In the office of the main residence, Henri installed the subwoofers in the furniture with a grid opening. In order to ensure the room was aesthetically pleasing, another grid — without anything behind it — was installed for the room to be symmetrically identical. Similar work was completed in the loft, where the subwoofer was installed in a piece of furniture, in line with the client and designer’s request.

living area
The technology here is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible.
Henri also integrated and managed the under-floor heating system.


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