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Best Integrated Home

Level II

  |  EMEA

Project 816

by TwentyTwo Integration

The client wanted a system that automated as much as possible, but it needed to be cutting-edge and utilise the very latest equipment and design methodology. The objective was for a Control4 and Lutron system that includes lighting, automated blinds, automated privacy glass, motorised windows, heating and cooling, lift entry, CCTV, and alarm systems.

The apartment is very design led, so the equipment that TwentyTwo Integration specified was not only functional and in line with the end user’s expectations, but it also complements the interior design, which is very modern and minimalist.

The client needed the system to be easy to use and intuitive as it is not his main residence, so there will be long periods of time between visits. By using Lutron Palladiom keypads with large engraved buttons, control of the system is very easy and doesn’t require the client to remember how to use it between visits.

A new penthouse level was added to the building that forms the top floor of the apartment and essentially, is a glass box with a footprint to match the floors below. The system works with the intelligent glazing that was installed and includes privacy glass and motorised windows, blinds, and curtain treatments. At a single button push, the client can change the state of the 40+ panels of glass from ‘privacy’ to ‘none privacy.’ Furthermore, the Lutron window treatments can track the sun and intelligently adapt and close to better control internal temperatures and protect the furniture and finishes from prolonged sun exposure.


The Printworks

Unit D, 22 Amelia Street


SE17 3BZ



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