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Best Dressed Rack

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Resort Luxury at Home

by Integrated Technologies Australia

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The home is large, and its systems are complex.

CEDIA’s judges were glowing in their review of this home’s equipment racks:

“The racks are simply gorgeous.”

“Cable management here is just terrific.”

“The behind the scenes engineering here is outstanding.”

The equipment racks — the nerve center and “brains” of an integration project this complex — must be well-engineered, and the incredible amount of cable involved must be well-organized and documented. If a single wire fails, it’s imperative that technicians know precisely where to look for a fix. The cables only have so much tolerance for bends and loops, too, and a good integrator knows exactly how much space a project will need for healthy cable installation.

These equipment racks handle the signal routing of everything from home network distribution to the power behind each speaker hidden in the ceilings; from pool controls to the motorized TV mounts.

Racks of this size must be designed with absolute precision — not to mention climate control. Electronics work and play best when they’re living in dry, cool conditions.

This project overall also won the CEDIA Award for Best Integrated Home, Level IV.

equipment rack
It’s critical that equipment stay cool and dry, and that cable management is precise.
equipment rack
Careful organization and labelling ensure troubleshooting will never be an issue.

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