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Best Integrated Home

Level I

  |  EMEA

Sanctuary House

by Intelligent Abodes

The lady of the house has macular degeneration — an eye disease — so required Intelligent Abodes to design a system to manage the light, glare, and lux levels intuitively to help improve visibility and clarity, and ultimately, reduce eye fatigue. The client was aware that needs would change with age, so flexibility to expand and modify the system was essential.  

Glare is one of the greatest challenges for visual clarity with macular degeneration, so a great deal of time was spent selecting the light fittings. Matt white Lutron Palladiom keypads were selected as the buttons are flush, there is no glare and the engraved font type and size could be selected accordingly.  

To solve concerns over the IQ glass sliding patio door becoming too heavy to move as the client ages, Intelligent Abodes integrated the control on the keypad next to the door. 

An RTI control system was selected to allow the integrator to design a client specific GUI. The team worked closely with the client to understand which font size and colours, and button sizes and names would all optimise her ability to view them clearly. The system also supports limitless screen pages so that each page view is not over-crowded with information to assist visibility and aiding control.  

A skylight positioned above the stairs opens when the space exceeds a client determined temperature and closes on high winds, rain, or if the temperature declines. This is achieved via a Lutron motor module, feedback from the weather station, and programming in the RTI app. 

Intelligent Abodes 

Unit 3,  The Venture Centre

Yeoford Way

Marsh Barton


EX2 8LP 



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