CEDIA Awards

Best Integrated Home

Level I

  |  EMEA

Sanctuary House

by Intelligent Abodes

The clients had a very clearly defined brief — to deliver a well-planned concept that provided integration, supporting automatic events that enhance convenience and comfort. They wanted their home to be an exemplar of contemporary design, finished with best in class materials, supporting living now and in the future, so it was truly a home for life. It was important that the lighting, both natural and generated, was effectively controlled with changing daylight, assisting in managing the daily challenges of living with macular degeneration.

As glare is one of the greatest challenges for visual clarity with macular degeneration, Intelligent Abodes worked closely with the lighting designer and the clients to design a lighting control solution that would adjust lighting lux levels and control glare with the automated blinds. This was managed with an RTI control system, integrated with a weather station, so that the system intuitively responds to changing weather conditions.

Consideration was given to every detail, including the keypad style and the RTI control interface to ensure visual clarity was optimised. The home management system was designed so that it is not over-crowded with information, allowing expansion and modification with changing needs.

The client gave a great deal of thought as to what aspect of their home may become a challenge to manage later in life, so we included the potential to automate many aspects of their home. They wanted to create a truly intuitive home that functions the majority of the time without the need to press a switch or button.

Intelligent Abodes 

Unit 3,  The Venture Centre

Yeoford Way

Marsh Barton


EX2 8LP 



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