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Small Space, Big Results

by Sounds Good Corporation

This showroom checks in at a mere 400 square feet.

What makes for a good showroom? An experience for the customer: If a client walks in, they will see much more than a bunch of devices — they’ll feel and understand how all that gear is truly “integrated” into a residential scenario. Sounds Good Corporation did just that with a limited amount of space.

In fact, CEDIA’s judging panel noted that the most intriguing thing about this project is the number of tech solutions that Sounds Good Corporation has been able to squeeze in a space that’s no more than 400 square feet.

Those solutions include:

Five Control4 display boards,

Amazon Echo,

A door station with keypad and camera,

HVAC controls,

Smart lighting solutions,

And a display dedicated to networking and remote monitoring.

There’s also a Seura smart mirror TV, a variety of speaker and subwoofers, a two-channel system, power conditioning, wireless audio solutions, and even an outdoor display for demonstrating backyard audio and video options. As the judges noted: “Great job getting a lot of stuff into a small space.”

And it’s working. The Sounds Good team tells us, “The Experience Center is designed to show off the capabilities of Control4 automation integrated with other vendors and how smoothly Sounds Good is able to integrate into any house in New England. Often existing customers will come in to see what the latest updates are in their older Control 4 systems. Builders, architects, and designers have showed positive feedback and have brought clients in to show how their finished product will look and feel. Future events are planned to help increase the visibility of the experience center to new builders and designers in and around the Boston area.”

And the kicker: An 1800’s Edison Wax Cylinder gramophone is on display as a nostalgia piece.

Outdoor audio solutions are also represented.
display area
An 1800's Edison Wax Cylinder gramophone is on display as a nostalgia piece.

Sounds Good Corporation

The Experience Center:
179 Bear Hill Road
Waltham, MA 02451



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