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Best Multiple Dwelling Unit

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Smart Homes for All

by Smartlab

Smartlab was responsible for common areas as well as individual apartments in this integration.

There’s a unique set of skills that an integrator needs to bring to a Multiple Dwelling Unit project: the firm has to understand how to create a repeatable, baseline technology infrastructure that can be customized to individual needs. To do this, the integrator needs to be a bit predictive: What will every resident likely need – and where?

Smartlab explains how they tackled this job: “The power of home automation is included in all 164 units of this luxurious residential development in Mexico City using Control4 solutions.

“The developer wanted to create the best finished product for the Mexican housing market. That involved top of the line finishes, services and the Control4 Home Automation systems that gives their sales team the edge when selling these properties.

“All common areas were completely automated: Lobbies, business centers, fitness centers, kids’ playrooms, and outdoor spaces. We integrated audio, video, CCTV, HVAC, intercom systems, and lighting. Additionally, all 164 units are equipped with a basic Control4 system that can be later upgraded and expanded to integrate all of the customers’ home technology needs. The system includes a controller, router and remote control that can run a home theater and later additional gadgets and solutions such as lighting control, distributed audio and video, CCTV, and so on, plus a seven-inch touch screen that can communicate with the concierge.

“Or as we call it at Smartlab, tech paradise.”

In awarding Smartlab top honors for this sprawling project, CEDIA’s judges noted the excellent wire management here.

“The developer wanted to create the best finished product for the Mexican housing market.” Smartlab achieved that.
Control4 systems are at the heart of each of the 164 apartments in this building.


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Parque Industrial Naucalpan

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