CEDIA Awards

Best Home Cinema

Level II

  |  EMEA


by Cyberhomes

Cyberhomes’ challenge for this job was to create the wow factor in a comfortable and relaxing environment that is visually different from other cinema rooms. Challenge accepted.

With the room to be used for both movie watching and game playing, the AV had to be fully immersive for all seating positions. The husband and wife duo love future technology and have a passion for supercars, so they wanted this incorporated within the design, but for the style to be both masculine and feminine.

A Dolby 7.4.4 set up was installed alongside a Sony 4K laser projector —which is located in a bespoke housing — and an electric side masking 2:40:1 acoustically transparent screen. Cyberhomes used futuristic looking acoustic treatments to tick the wow factor box, whilst also addressing first order reflections and room mode issues.

For the desired masculine and feminine feel, a common theme of curves and angles were adopted, adding balance and symmetry combined with neutral colours for a hint of warmth. Ambient blue lighting was added to give the 3D structures a strong dynamic look, with contrasting warm white to soften and balance the room. As well as the aesthetic appeal, safety was also important. Cyberhomes incorporated large steps, highlighted by LED strips and downlights with emergency lighting to cater for servicing and a clear exit strategy.

As the judges commented: “A super cinema. It’s easy to see how this is going to be a great experience for the customer. It is a fantastic representation of what’s possible.”

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