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Best Integrated Home

Level II

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by Bridger Automation

The voice-controlled systems in this home are cabled for future additions of audio and video “zones.”

The watchwords for this elegant new construction: future upgrades. “Originally the house had a lot more technology and features included during the design and rough-in phases,” says the Bridger team, “however it was decided to keep it simple during the final install. This meant the house still has the potential to expand its functionality with cable provisions in place for additional video zones, audio-only zones and more complex integration.”

The predictive nature of what Bridger accomplished here is part of the art of the integrator’s trade. Carpenters and masons likely never plan for a wall to be added or knocked down, for example. A quality integrator understands what systems will likely expand, and knows where to place hardware for those upgrades. Video and audio “zones” can be expanded, for example, and the cabling for those new areas of entertainment is ready.

Another big aspect of this integration: simplicity. Bridger says, “An RTI XP-6S Control Processor was programmed to simplify the user interface to control lights, blinds, louvres, both audio and video zones, all from a modern tablet interface or voice control. The key point made to us from the client was to simplify everything to not overwhelm the user.”

There’s also something to be said for relationship-building when it comes to this project. When a customer gets comfortable with an integrator, they tend to use that firm as their go-to tech experts. The Bridger team notes, “Our client was drawn to us as the preferred installation company as we are loyal CEDIA members that deliver high quality projects in the South East Corner of QLD, Australia. This is the third project the client has undertaken and all three have been awarded to us as they know the quality of the finished product that we provide.”

Simplicity is key here, both in the look of the home and its control interface.
This is the third project on which this client has partnered with Bridger Automation for technology integration.

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