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The Auckland Town Hall

by Liquid Automation

Auckland Town Hall
The building is a public space occupied by the Auckland Council.

While Liquid Automation took a Finalist trophy for their work on the Auckland Town Hall in the category of Innovative System or Solution, their documents for the project were awarded the top prize in this category.

The winning firm notes that, “Although the systems installed are complicated behind the scenes, our detailed documentation and intimate system knowledge allows us to be able to support the client remotely which was imperative.”

“Remote monitoring” means that Liquid Automation can check in with the systems from an offsite location: “Our network monitoring device sits on the network and monitors the network health as well as constantly checking to make sure that all devices are online.”

As is the case with excellent documentation such as this, the mission of the materials is twofold: First, it must allow for anyone to be able to come in and troubleshoot and/or upgrade the system using the documentation as a precise guide. Secondly, it needs a user-friendly component — in this instance, extensive, easy-to-follow user manuals — so that any member of the Auckland Council can use the tech with ease and confidence.

user manual page
The documentation is complete and precise.
user guide on mobile device
User guides help anyone navigate the system quickly.

Liquid Automation

Unit 20, Building F, 14-22 Triton Drive
Rosedale, Auckland 0632
New Zealand



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