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The Bay Home

by Len Wallis Audio

This home on Sydney Harbor features 12 video zones and 25 audio zones.

The home pictured here is a perfect example of a project that evolved. Because the design and installation of the electronics in this 10,000-square-foot home took no less than four years, some of the components and their attendant systems went through various upgrades.

Ultimately, Len Wallis Audio installed the following systems in this home on the Sydney Harbor:

A complete lighting system (with 400 “loads”),

HVAC controls for 20 zones,

Security that includes 52 sensors and seven doors,

Nineteen security cameras and a recorder,

Automated pool and spa control,

Access control including intercoms and biometric devices that recognize users,

Audio-visual systems that include 12 video zones and 25 independent audio zones utilizing 61 speakers and 11 subwoofers,

And a dedicated home cinema with immersive audio and a 4K image.

Here are just a few examples of this home’s many automated events, as described by the Len Wallis team:

“Evening Scene 1: 20 minutes before sunset, the lights in the common areas such as Hallways, Entry, Living Room, Sitting Room, Kitchen and selected bedrooms will turn on to preset levels. This is a Savant scene triggered by the internal astrological time clock.

“Evening Scene 2: At five minutes past sunset, the motorized blinds in selected areas (Living Room, Terrace, Bedrooms) all lower.

“Morning Scene: At 6 a.m. every weekday morning the TV in the Sitting room turns on to the ‘Good Morning Show’ at a predetermined volume. The Kitchen speakers also begin playing the audio from this source. Blinds in the Living area open.”

living room
Some tech can disappear when not in use.
control app on mobile device
Controls are easy-to-use, and lighting is a key element of this integration.

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