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The Beach House

by Len Wallis Audio

living room
User-initiated scenes include “Living Music” for background audio.

This project’s an interesting illustration of the relationship that can be built between homeowner and integrator. Len Wallis Audio says:

“The key performance objectives for this design were essentially set by our customer. He is a very well researched when it comes to leading-edge home technology. Our company was initially brought on in a consultancy capacity. We were asked to give unbiased advice on all available options for a modern luxury smart home.

“The main wish was for a completely integrated smart home with all electrical sub-systems integrated into a single control solution.

“Flexibility and cabling contingency were also very important to this client. They were particularly knowledgeable about home networking and the future bandwidth limitations that traditional cabling may be susceptible to.”

“Once all options had been discussed we all agreed that a high-end Savant solution would fit the needs of the client very well. At this point, our role changed from Consultant to Solution Provider and we were contracted into the project.”

Seven audio zones are part of the system, with four catering to 4K distributed video. Three of the audio zones are surround sound.

The home has a backup network solution: If the cable internet feed is down, a 4G modem takes over.

Automated scenes include smoke detection which triggers lights and opens doors, evening lighting, wake-up settings, and lights out at 9 p.m. in all the kids’ bedrooms. User-initiated scenes include “Living Music” for background audio, “Entertain” which includes a party playlist and dimmed lighting, and many more.

CEDIA’s judging panel were especially taken with the nice lighting solutions in this project, calling the entire system “just a very, very solid integration.”

living room
The homeowner was knowledgeable, and wanted a system that could be easily upgraded.
outdoor speaker
Outdoor audio is also part of the project.

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