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The Great Room

by Land & Sea Entertainment

This media room was a “retrofit,” and the client here wanted as much sound and picture as he could put into the space. Land & Sea picks up the story: “Due to the fact the room was already built, our off-the-shelf speaker selections that would fit the performance stipulations – and the room — were limited to … none. Enter Mike Park with James Loudspeakers. Over months, a factory field trip, and three full revisions, we finally landed at a 100% custom speaker package and then proceeded to re-frame the room around it.

“The clients assembled an army of woodworkers and other trades to converge on the project with us and we collectively transformed the entire room. We were fortunate to have everyone’s schedules align at it was an amazing group effort from the clients on down.

“The video came next and we needed a projection system bright enough to deliver a great image to a 170-inch screen and also be able to properly hit the legacy Stewart screen 30 inches behind it. The reason for having both screens was so that the homeowner could have the window open to see the waterfalls while watching the smaller 110-inch projection screen.”

The room’s flexible, too: “Since this room is used for many purposes, no specific permanent seating will be used, but we calibrated the ‘Director’s Chair’ (the ‘best seat in the house’ for audio and video) specs at the new custom sofa. Three flanking 55-inch 4K Sony screens allow for unlimited content and any display in the home can select any of 14 4K video sources.”

This 170-inch screen lifts to reveal a second screen – see above.
These James Loudspeakers were custom-built for this room.

Land & Sea Entertainment

4498 Paola Way

San Diego, CA 92117




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