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Life Lived Best At Home

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The Houseboat

by Argus Technologies

yacht interior
The project also won the CEDIA Award for Auto, Marine, or Aircraft integration.

This project also won CEDIA’s “Life Lived Best at Home” award for 2019 (Asia Pacific). CEDIA’s “Life Lived Best at Home” award honors the project that uses technology to maximize and enhance the client’s lifestyle, providing functionality, safety, entertainment, convenience, aesthetics, and efficiency.

Even when that home is a boat!

The client’s list of wants included:

A simple and intuitive system to use that was totally reliable,

Use technology and integration to make life simple, and make the stays on the houseboat enjoyable (To that end, he wanted to be able to just get there, press a button, and have everything spring to life. Similarly, when leaving, a single button press performs all actions required to shut the boat down.),

Present a consistent look and feel across all user devices, and be professionally finished,

Have a single app for control — not multiple apps but a whole home control system to tie everything together,

Provide internet connectivity and complete Wi-Fi coverage for mobile devices,

Provide the ability to monitor and control the houseboat remotely,

Provide control and monitoring of any zone of the multi-zone heating/cooling system,

Include a CCTV surveillance system, used also for navigation,

Provide a video distribution system for distributing multiple video sources to all televisions, and

Include a comprehensive audio distribution of music and streaming services throughout the houseboat.

The Argus team’s ability to handle all of these requests won them two awards: The one listed here, and the CEDIA Award for best Auto, Marine, or Aircraft integration.

yacht interior
This award honors the project that uses technology to maximize and enhance the client’s lifestyle.
equipment rack
The boat’s complex technology has been rendered incredibly simple to operate.

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