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Best Integrated Home

Level III

  |  EMEA

Global Winner

The I’s Have It


Having worked with this client previously, SONA had a clear understanding of the standard from the get-go. The simplicity of operating the system was highlighted as a key consideration, with specific requests for visible controls around the home to be as discreet and intuitive as possible.

SONA has worked to install an integrated lighting system with over 250 circuits, motorised window treatments for large floor to ceiling glazing in most rooms, a high performance AV system, a statement loudspeaker system for the main lounge, two focused media spaces, and intuitive control. A comprehensive cable infrastructure ensures the property is as future-ready as possible.

The property features a large number of motorised blind and curtain systems in all rooms. SONA worked hand-in-hand with the main contractor to develop an approach where all blinds were installed in recessed sections of the ceilings, with colour matched cover plates. Where the curtain tracks were fitted into plaster-in profiles, the track sits completely flush with the ceiling finish. Even though the blinds and curtains cover extremely large windows, you don’t notice the blinds or tracks themselves.

An amazing ‘dancing’ water feature on the main patio area is also controlled — sixteen outlets with custom programming, so the client can select feature sequences. The entire property features underfloor heating control, with towel radiator circuits in the en-suite bathrooms. To maintain the desired aesthetic throughout, SONA provided a system using in-floor and very discreet flush in-wall temperature sensors, reporting back to central thermostats and manifold controllers.

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