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Best Dressed Rack

  |  EMEA

The I’s Have It


Racks are the heart of any system, so integrators need to consider various factors when designing and installing racks. In this category, judges are looking to see whether clear thought has been given to the rack’s location, ventilation, and accessibility and that attention has been paid to cable identification, service loops, and clear colour breakdown for signal types.   

The word that the judges kept coming back to when looking at these racks, is ‘craftsmanship’. They could tell that the SONA team really know what they are doing when it comes to designing and building racks. Their work adheres to recommended practices, ticking the boxes for bend radiuses, labelling, and service loops, to name a few stand out elements. A very high grade of work that stood out from the rest. 

SONA triumphed at the CEDIA 2020 Awards, winning a total of six awards for their work on The I’s Have It project, including Best Integrated HomeBest Integrated Home – Global, Best Documentation, Best Lighting, and Life Lived Best at Home.


4-5 Greenwood Court

Taylor Business Park





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