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Best Lighting System

  |  EMEA

The I’s Have It


The house is very contemporary in architectural design, with a large number of illuminated coffer ceiling details that feature tune-able white and colour change lighting. As the rooms and general design of the house is open plan, a comprehensive lighting system was a key requirement in order to ensure those spaces were practical and useable, whilst also intimate and cosy at times.

It was extremely important that the lighting levels and scenes were presented simply, so the team choose very simple keypads in either 4/7/8 button combinations for consistency throughout the building, and to minimise the number of options a user is presented with. Although a huge amount of time was spent on these preconfigured lighting scenes, the client also has the ability to access every room’s individual circuits to adjust these levels.

A number of automated events require no interaction from a user – with settings automatically based on the local sunrise and sunset time. Colour changing lighting provide the wow factor that the client was looking for. Not only can the lights change colour in different areas in the property, but they can set to synchronise within numerous rooms at the same time.

The master bedroom lounge features an artificial skylight installation that recreates a clear blue Mediterranean sky with an incredible beam of sunlight, regardless of the weather outside. This unit also has a night mode where the light of the moon is recreated to spill moonlight into the room and the detail of the moon’s surface can be seen.

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