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The Origami

by Elevated Integration and Rayva

home theater
This theater design from Raya is called “The Origami.”

This theater is a masterpiece of efficiency, taking less than a week on site to construct, install, and properly finish.

Elevated Integration used a home theater solution from Rayva — a company that provides prefab, turnkey home cinema plans and parts — called the “Origami” theater design. Key pieces are configured offsite, then shipped to the home.

Elevated Integration raves about Rayva (pardon the pun): “Prefab lighting and acoustic panels come ready to go and are easy to hang. The complexity that it would take to build this stuff from scratch onsite is staggering, and what Rayva has done is spectacular. They have realized a level of sophistication and performance and made it attainable by guys that are not carpenters or builders, on a timeline that is unheard of.”

One of the benefits of this particular design? DeClemente says, “Because Rayva theaters don’t involve a lot of construction to the shell of the room itself, it makes them good options for historic homes or homes where the owners are reluctant to alter the structure of the room.” Sound panels are applied, and no special construction is needed.

DeClemente continues, “In fact, that modular, applied approach allowed the homeowners to maintain the windows in the room. Rayva designed sound panels based on the window layout. The sound panels actually clip off the wall if access is needed to the windows and to ensure safe access to exits in the event of a fire.”

Sound is delivered with Wisdom speakers in an immersive array. Lutron lighting and automation and controls by Savant are also part of this cinema.

home theater
Prefab panels fit easily over this room’s existing structure.
home theater rack
CEDIA’s judges loved the attention paid to the equipment rack.


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