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The Starship

by La Scala

The custom illumination in this home also earned La Scala a CEDIA Award for Best Lighting in 2020.

Here’s a sample of what the CEDIA judges had to say about this project:

“One of the best entries in this year’s competition. Such a nice project. Innovative. Lot of amazing lighting. Love that staircase.”

From the electro-chromatic tintable glass to the custom lighting solutions that accentuate the incredible architecture, this job required hours and hours of research and planning to make the home perfect. That attention to detail is one of the reasons that La Scala also picked up a trophy for Best Lighting for this home. La Scala spent many hours of offsite planning with the electrician on this project to ensure that the look and feel of the lighting was completely consistent across this elegant integration. The complex lighting demanded careful power management in this home.

Everything here is brilliantly, strategically placed: “From a design perspective we wanted to keep the interior color palette quiet, which meant minimalizing variations between materials, technologies and finishes,” explains La Scala. “Paint matching all blind box covers, spraying speaker grilles (twice) and selecting matte finish cover plates for wall controls created a visually seamless continuation between rooms.

“The objective was to give the space an appearance that there were no controls at all.”

Those “invisible” controls ensure maximum security, including activating the aforementioned auto-tinting glass and triggering cameras if an intruder is near. Climate control is completely automated here as well.

Add AV, networking, shading, vehicle detection, name it – this is a complete home integration that punches well above its weight class, especially given the budget La Scala was handed.

Hours were spent with the electrician to ensure the look was perfect.
CEDIA’s judges called this project, “One of the best entries in this year’s competition.”

La Scala

1385 Boundary Road

Vancouver, BC V5K 4T9 Canada



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