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The Starship

by La Scala

This home also won the 2020 CEDIA Award for Best Integrated Home, Level II (Americas).

CEDIA’s judges were unanimous in awarding this project the 2020 trophy for Best Lighting System. As La Scala fills us in on what went into this project, it’s easy to see why it won:

“We have never been part of such a bespoke ‘total environment’ creation. The LED lighting design for this project was on point. The futuristic lines and cove lighting add to the ‘starship’ theme.

To create these effects properly, hundreds of hours went into fixture compatibility research. Each lighting circuit in the home was tested for perfect ramping and anti-flicker with various output modules. There’s a trick in which one turns one’s head and monitors potential LED flicker with the side edge of your eld of view, your peripheral vision — we did that. Everywhere. We had to pretend we were the homeowner in various lifestyle and lighting conditions before we would give a room the passing mark. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind lighting showcase.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the work that went into shading here – after all, controlling ambient light is important, too. In taking on the 140 floor-to-ceiling windows, La Scala was “able to take advantage of long room lines and Crestron’s angle coupler shading brackets to reduce this down to 50 motorized outputs. In all honesty it was a tricky shading system to deploy and we must have spent double the time allocated making sure the mitres were perfect on all of the blind boxes. Angled windows — and especially angled couplers — have to be precise to maintain the proper look and function.”

This home also picked up the 2020 CEDIA Award for Best Integrated Home, Level II (Americas).

Hundreds of hours went into choosing compatible fixtures.
La Scala designed the shading for this home’s 140 floor-to-ceiling windows as well.

La Scala

1385 Boundary Road

Vancouver, BC V5K 4T9 Canada



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