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Best Media Room

Level I

  |  EMEA

The Ultimate Gaming Room

by Intuitive Homes & Ultamation

The focus was to design the ultimate gaming set-up and create something that every teenager dreams of. The client already knew that there would be a pool table, table football, and pinball machines in the room. They brought Intuitive Homes & Ultamation in to see what else was possible as their sons are both avid gamers and would enjoy the opportunity to play alongside each other — and their friends — in the same room.

Intuitive Homes & Ultamation decided that by using one screen and bringing in the distributed video system from the main house, it would be possible for multiple users to game at one time, as well as for one person to be watching TV on one half and someone gaming on the other half.

The team integrated many other technologies into this room. They expanded the Lutron lighting control from the main house with an additional panel containing 16 circuits and 4 new keypads. On the one side of the extension is floor-to-ceiling glazing with very thin profiles, so five large Lutron blinds, which are staggered in the ceiling recess to create overlap and no light gaps, were installed.

There are a pair of speakers over the pool table and table football, a pair over the bar area, and a third pair over the seating area to allow for a 5.1 system. The team used a bespoke soundbar for the TV, which looks great, due to the custom width and details, such as the cut-out for the protruding section on the bottom of the TV.


121 Palatine Road



M20 3YA





Liverpool Science Park IC2

146 Brownlow Hill



L3 5RF



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