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The Upgrade

by Liquid Automation

dining room
Liquid Automation started with the network solutions and equipment racks, and the project grew from there.

When Liquid Automation was called in to upgrade the systems in this home, things were a bit of mess: The cabling in the home was outdated, and the equipment racks were also old and disorganized.

After taking care of those issues, the network and Wi-Fi was updated – and then the client asked for more: “The scope of works expanded to include AV, security, access control and automation upgrades for the property, says the Liquid Automation team.

“This residence is an architecturally designed large and lavish hotel-sized home with high fencing and set amid tropical gardens, a river, and large pool. The current owner purchased the mansion in 2008 and knew what he wanted which consisted of an upgrade from the basic standalone systems that had been previously installed with the addition of some new AV services.

“The client specified that all AV equipment and integrated appliances be discrete or hidden, and where visible should complement the elegant décor.”

Liquid Automation describes some of the scenes they’ve created for this home that can be called up from the Crestron control pads:

“When selecting Entertainment the client is presented with a page that shows the available sources to choose from.

“Access control is achieved under the Alarm page allowing for doors or gates to be held unlocked or open.

When the home is fully armed from the Alarm page the lighting fades away and any AV zones in use are set to standby. Upon disarming of the alarm system  the proper “Welcome Home” lighting scene is activated based on time of day.

Security and access control are critical components in this home.
Custom "scenes" can be called up quickly from the creation control panels.

Liquid Automation

Unit 20, Building F, 14-22 Triton Drive
Rosedale, Auckland 0632
New Zealand



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