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Level IV

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Two Villas in One

by Shanghai Sentiment Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

CEDIA’s judges say that the work on the pool alone was worth an honor.

This home is, as the name implies, two residences that have been joined by a common basement.

Since the homeowner is a 60-year-old woman who likes to entertain, access control is critical for security. Only approved vehicles can enter the garage, and the home features include a “security room” safe from intruders. There’s enterprise-grade networking, 5000 lights, and music is distributed to no less than 48 zones across the properties via more than 100 speakers. The electrical systems in the home – one for the network, another for the rest of the property – both have emergency backups.

Shanghai Sentiment fills us in on some of the other highlights in this massive integration project:

“The network system reaches the enterprise level, covering 6,000 square meters, and allows one hundred persons to use the system at once.

“The dedicated home cinema system is also fantastic. The sound is top-notch with the help of a Trinnov preamplier and Aurea speakers. The special Sony projector provides a great image, and the Dbox seating system and the Moovia sofa give the owner the actual feeling of being ‘in the movie’ with the motion of the furniture that’s synced up to the film.”

There’s a number of one-touch functions at work here, including a “Party” mode: “The multi-zone music system is readied with the proper playlist, and the lighting system creates a ‘hot ambiance.’ The private home theatre is powered up, and certain private rooms are completely closed off to the guests.”

The automation and integration in the home is superlative, and CEDIA’s judges say that the work on the pool alone was worth an honor.

One highlight of this sprawling project is the dedicated home cinema.
The technology here matches the elegance of the finishes and design.

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