CEDIA Awards

Best Integrated Home

Level II

  |  EMEA

Villa Africa

by Henri

Henri collaborated with a famous interior designer on this project, where emphasis was placed on ensuring the technology seamlessly integrated into the architecture and did not take away from the African artwork that was placed around the villa. An all-round nicely executed project, Henri was forward-thinking in the system design.

The villa now features easily controlled lighting, shades, and temperature, music in most rooms and in the garden, three media rooms, video distribution throughout, and a reliable security system consisting of door stations, a perimetric alarm, indoor and outdoor CCTV cameras, and biometric access control at sensitive spots. Close attention was paid to ensure that the technology was as discreet as possible, with profiled speakers, furniture-integrated subwoofers, and specific finishing for biometric access to name a few examples.

The owner is an audiophile and as such, requested very good audio quality. In addition to integrating a specific music server with MacIntosh amplification in one room, Henri sourced products for the rest of the villa that could be integrated in the interior decoration and deliver qualitative music at the same time.

With the objective of delivering intuitive control, Crestron wall-mounted touchscreens, remote controls for the video zones, iPads, and iPhone Apps were selected. The wall touchscreens were integrated in flush-mounted boxes, while the user interface was meticulously designed to be ergonomic and intuitive. Henri ensured the client is able to personalise certain aspects of the system. For example, he can adjust and create new lighting scenarios from the touchscreen.

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