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Weekend Escape

by Smartlab

Lighting and shading are automated in this home.

The Smartlab team sums this one up nicely:

“A weekend dream on the outskirts of Mexico City, this cozy, modern and luxurious house was built for pure family enjoyment. The owner expected the full comfort of a technologically advanced weekend escape, and that’s exactly what he got. He and his family can rely on smart automation in a simple-to-enjoy environment from their motorcycle room to their wine cellar. Imagine spending your Saturday evening with your loved ones, sitting by the fireplace listening to your favorite music in perfectly controlled lighting ambiances.

“They can create that with just one click. One.”

This integration includes:

Eight independent audio zones, using Revel indoor and outdoor speakers;

A 7.1 Home Theater system using a Sony AVR, Revel speakers and a Polk in-wall sub;

A four-zone video distribution system by Control4, each zone with on-screen navigators and smart remotes;

Pakedge networking with indoor and outdoor WiFi access points that cover the house and outdoor spaces;

A massive automated lighting and shading system that reacts to time-of-day;

Automatic fireplace shutoff, and;

Eight Nest thermostats handling automated climate control.

The homeowners have a menu of scenes that they can trigger using the Control4 system. For example, “’Fireplace night’ executes a scene that involves turning on the fireplace, dimming the lights and setting the music. The ‘I´ll be there soon’ scene prepares the house for its guests, opening the blinds, setting the HVAC to a comfortable level, and setting the mood with lighting adjustments and by playing their favorite tunes.”

This weekend retreat serves as a true escape for the family with the help of brilliantly executed tech.
The Control4 system offers terrific ease-of-use.


Av. Urbina #14

Parque Industrial Naucalpan

Naucalpan 53370




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