CEDIA Awards

Best Media Room

Level I

  |  EMEA


by Tera Generation Solutions

The objective for this project was to deliver a lifestyle AV lounge for a discerning technology enthusiast with distinct, unique, and refined taste.

The primary focus for Tera Generation Solutions was to deliver an open concept living space that would reflect the individual needs and lifestyle of the client, and feature a system that is efficient, practical, and easy to control. Tera Generation Solutions took on the challenge of delivering a design that met the client’s ‘wish list’ by incorporating sophisticated technology solutions.

The hardcore board game enthusiast and tech savvy client demanded a collaborative solution that brings his gaming, communication, monitoring, and smart home controls into one single interface. Tera Generation Solutions installed a custom-built coffee table with a fully interactive 43″ screen.

The front and rear walls of the room are glass to allow the client to overlook the surrounding landscape. This presented a challenge to the integrator. To overcome this, Tera Generation Solutions installed in-ceiling retractable side surround speakers. To avoid the lousy bass affect due to the dynamics of the space, designer-grade subwoofers in a concrete finish were installed. With the client due to get married during the project, the minimal design concept was shifted to a neo-classical interior. Large mirrors became an integral part of the design, which created an acoustical and visual reflection challenge for Tera Generation Solutions.

The client wanted a discreet bar at the back of the room, so the integrator designed a large sliding panel to conceal the bar when it is not in use.


7-A, P Block Gulberg 2






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